What Are Some Cold Calling Tips Useful For Mortgage Brokers?

The world of mortgage brokers isn’t lucrative for all. There are many who are looking for prospects and appointments so that they can refinance. But if you are in the rut as well, then there are some ways to ensure that your generate leads and can set quality appointments. Here are some tips which will help you along the way:

  • Get a list of prospects: Undoubtedly, the first step is to get a good list of potential prospects from the main title company. But this list doesn’t inherently guarantee that you will be able to get some quality appointments. This is the realization which many brokers aren’t able to make. You have to understand that leads, no matter what, have to be cultivated. It’s a rigorous and slow process. You will need to make tonnes of phone calls and have a seemingly infinite amount of patience to get it completely right. Be prepared to wait for weeks to get the hidden treasure.
  • Do the maths and work efficiently: And endless abyss of phone calls might make you lose your steam and hope. But here’s an easy way to calculate what you need so that you can figure out a plan. Let’s say, you have purchased around 500 leads. If you engage a telemarketer making cold calls for around 14 hours a week, then he/she should be able to make around 200 calls. Out of those 200 calls, he/she may speak with around 100 people. The rest are sure to be disconnected prospects, voice mails and more. Now, out of those 100 such people, the cold calls will probably get 25 not really interested parties and 25 who will call back. As for the rest, they will want to see more literature or get it sent to them. This leaves around 75 and more prospects which don’t include the numbers that lead to voice mails. The trick now is to find the prospects which are:
  1. Really trying to find a broker within says, a month or two.
  2. Have something of a budget ready for getting your services.
  3. They are trying to formulate a swift decision, within a month or three.

If you find that the prospects don’t live up to these simple criteria, then it’s advisable to avoid seeing an appointment. If the prospects will not be sticking to a decision within a 6 month period then just send them literature. But don’t forget to follow up.

  • Follow up on the prospects: It can’t be emphasized how important it is. You should follow up on all kinds of prospects and that too within a reasonable amount of time. Make sure you call as many times as needed, within a reasonable calling period. So don’t wait for weeks on end before making the call. But calling an interesting prospect a couple of times or leaving a message won’t do the job either. Remember that the industry is fickle and the prospect is sure to be entertaining various quotes from other brokers.
  • Give the prospect what they want: If they need literature, then send it to them. No one is going to remember your name without any paper.

Being a mortgage broker is hard work. You have to keep at it to see any business or work, let any profits. But perseverance and hard work are key in here.