The Legit Benefits of Using A Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

Remanufactured toner cartridges don’t have the same good reputation as its counterparts in the market. In fact, even the manufacturers fill in their manuals with warnings regarding the use of a remanufactured cartridge. It is true that remanufactured toner cartridges may not be that efficient as the other types of toner cartridges but certainly, it is more profitable than other toner cartridges. For businesses, to shift from the use of original equipment cartridge to remanufactured toner cartridges can bring in a lot of benefits. For example, it can cut down on the cost. Apart from that it also has many other advantages as well. In case, if you are looking forward to buying the best quality toner cartridge for your printer then you should rely on the use of brother toner cartridges.

What are the benefits of using a remanufactured toner cartridge?

The use of remanufactured toner cartridges can provide plenty of benefits to the businesses, especially the small-sized businesses. Here are some of the main benefits that we are talking about.

  1. Cost

The first main benefit is the reduction of cost. In comparison to an OEM toner cartridge, a remanufactured toner cartridge is way less expensive. You can actually save up to 40 to 60 percent of the total cost on a remanufactured toner cartridge. Not just those, some of the vendors are also known to provide you with a discount as well.

  • Quality

Many of you may not be sure about the quality of a remanufactured toner cartridge. However, there is nothing for you to worry about. If you buy a remanufactured toner cartridge from a reputed vendor, you can get the same print quality as an OEM device.

  • Flexibility

The use of a remanufactured toner cartridge also provides you with flexibility. Cutting down on the cost of your consumables can give you the chance to do more. If you have plans to use small laser printers all over your office, switching to the use of remanufactured toner cartridges will be the best option for you. Not just that, but you can also afford to hold a larger stock of cartridges. In addition, you can also reduce the cost of colour printing in your office.

  • Environmental impact

By buying a remanufactured toner cartridge you can also save a cartridge from ending up in a landfill. This leads to environmental savings which are obviously meaningful. Not just that, but if you choose to buy a remanufactured toner cartridge from a local vendor, you can also cut down on the carbon footprint as you are not buying cartridges that are air freighted or trucked from far off places.

Thus, you can see the number of benefits that you can reap from the use of a remanufactured toner cartridge. You can not only cut down on the cost but you can also avail a lot from it. If you want to make your business profitable you should consider switching to the use of remanufactured toner cartridges.

How to purchase the best engagement ring when you are on a tight budget?

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to purchasing a beautiful engagement rings then you will have to pay a little more. Most of the engagement rings are made of diamond and it will cost you from $4000 to $6,000 and most of the people may find it to be a huge investment in the first place.

As a person is going to cherish the engagement ring for the entire life so most of the time they spend a lot of money on purchasing their engagement ring and get them self into some financial burden. If you want to score some killer deals then here are some tips that will help you to pick the best engagement ring from the market on a tight budget.

  1. If your fiance is more interested in wearing some big rings, then you should consider purchasing a halo rings made of diamond. So even if you are spending some small budget still you will be able to create the illusion of a large ring. So halo ring is a particular type of setting where the diamond will be occupying the maximum portion of the ring. Diamond halos have gone through a lot of evolution in the past few years and now you can purchase triple or double halos even at an affordable price.
  1. Try to spend the money on the center stone instead of putting much effort into the material that you are using for making the ring. Instead of encircling the ring with small diamonds you should spend maximum money on the centerpiece. This minimalistic look will help in making the engagement ring look bigger and expensive.
  1. You can definitely go for those vintage rings because here you won’t have to go through the experience of creating a new ring, but you will be getting the ring that has been a token of the love of some other couple who were in love. So if your fiance is having the old soul, then this is the perfect engagement ring that you can possibly think of gifts to them.
  1. The metal of the ring can also help you in reducing the cost. You can replace the platinum material with white gold as they look virtually identical and will also help you in saving a lot of money. Platinum is definitely durable and the colour won’t get changed with time and will give a silky polish with white shine. White gold is definitely having fewer benefits, but it will still make the ring look prettier.
  1. One can also include some small gemstones on the ring because they are quite inexpensive when compared to diamond and each of them are having traditional meanings. You can have sapphire or rubies or emerald for getting the old vintage vibes.

Engagement Rings are going to mark your journey of marriage with the other person and that is why it is not always important to have an expensive ring.

Reasons for hiring professional movers

If you are moving to a new house then it is both physically and emotionally stressful. It is the time when you should decide whether you should hire any professional mover and not. It is true that you will have to spare some money if you want to hire any professionals for performing the moving task but at the same time, you are also getting the advantage of keeping all your precious possessions in safety during the transition period.

So let’s dig deeper to know what are the benefits that you will be getting if you are hiring any professional movers.

Pros of hiring professional movers:

  1. Most of the professional moving companies will provide you with the benefit of getting packing services as well. One can easily count it as the focusing benefit of hiring professional movers. If you are thinking of packing all the items that are in your house and keeping it in a box, then it is definitely the doable task and most of them find it to be quite daunting as well. After hiring movers you will be having a professional team who will be wrapping and packing and doing all the other difficult task for you.
  1. Yes, having biceps is one of the most impressive tools that every mover will have but they will definitely be having other tools as well. For example, the bed frame which is in your bedroom will require some disassembling while moving and another type of furniture will also require the same. So you should always do it if you have proper knowledge of disassembling and assembling the things and that is why you need a professional to complete the task. Moreover, your antique pieces and several possessions will be kept properly.
  1. The cost saving is definitely a controversial topic because most of them will think that they are spending a lot more because they are hiring a professional team of movers. So here you will need to do some accounting and check the prices that you will be spending if you are doing it on your own like hunting down the boxes, purchasing of bubble wrap, tape or newspapers, and all the tools that you will be purchasing for smoothly moving out your possession from the house and delivering it to the destined location. After completing the calculation you will understand why hiring professional movers is a cost-effective solution.
  1. If you are reaching the final destination much later than you have planned then the professional movers will provide you with storage facilities for long term or short term, but you have to pay some additional charges in order to keep the things in the safe vault and it will be protected from any sort of loss or damage or theft.

So if your moving process is around the corner and you are looking for professional movers, then you should definitely consider hiring Auckland Furniture removals. They will ensure that you are happy, safe and healthy during the moving procedure as all your stuff will be taken care of by them.

SEO guide for small businesses

If your business is new or small then due to the improvement in the digital marketing and the benefits of having an online presence you will definitely feel the need to ensure that your company is also doing well with other businesses. Irrespective of whether your business is small or big you must opt for the services of SEO.

There are several companies who are going to provide you with an affordable solution and is going to customize the packages according to the need of your website and company. They will not only help you in optimizing your website but can also help in marketing the product. So before you are hiring any SEO services several things that you should be aware of are mentioned below:

  1. You can find several business services who are providing SEO facilities to various companies and they also come with an online website. So before you are picking any service provider you should do your homework properly and research about the company and all the techniques that are used by them.

If you have a small business or you carry little knowledge regarding SEO services, then it would be a safe option to opt for the recommended or reputed companies and not go for these companies that offer you with eye-catching prices. So if your business is getting good SEO services then you can be pretty much assured that your website is going to have some genuine traffic coming from the specific demographic population and thereby helping you to get potential customers.

  1. For optimizing the website, all the service providers of SEO are using the technique of white hat. There are other providers who are still using the technique of grey hat and black hat for optimizing the websites. So before opting for any of the techniques you need to talk with your service provider and ask them to make you understand which technique will be beneficial for your website and will help them to get a good position in the search engines.

 If the service providers are using the unapproved methods for optimizing the website like black or grey hat method, then you should create a distance from them. These methods are not only banned or blacklisted by the search engines but can also make your business and website suffer a bad name. Also, avoid companies with shady websites.

  1. You need to list out all the things that you are looking forward to getting from the service provider of SEO and ask them all the questions in order to understand whether they can provide you with all that you need. Before blindly trusting any of them you should first understand the working procedure of SEO and how they can help you in getting proper indexing in Google.

After scrutinizing each of the points mentioned above you can opt for the SEO NZ services as they are reputed and affordable. Narrow down the list of all the SEO companies by looking into your requirement and budget.

How to deal with a child who won’t stop kicking your seat on a flight

There are plenty of ways to get annoyed on a flight, but having the back of your seat incessantly kicked really takes the cake.

Since the guilty party is usually a child, your options are limited when it comes to handling the problem. React too harshly and you’ll have angry parents on your hands, but if you’re too nice or choose to ignore it, it’s probably not going stop.

In a discussion on online forum Quora, frequent flyers shared their tips for coping with this annoyance, after one user asked: “Have you ever had a kid behind you on an airplane kicking the seat the entire flight?”

“Occasionally the kid would miss the seat and his shoe would go between my seat and the other seat next to me. And about half those times it would get stuck for a second.”

One commenter, Bill Jones, came up with a novel way to trap a kicker in the act.

“I got a bit annoyed, and hatched a plan, thinking it probably would not work. But it did,” he wrote.

“I put my upper right arm between the seat back edge and the plastic fuselage liner to check the fit. Just right.

“Next kick I shoved my arm back. It worked way beyond expectation the first time. The seat moved just a little, enough to grab his shoe.”

“He was stuck for maybe five to 10 seconds. Long enough for mom to catch on to what he was doing.”

When Kev Partridge found himself in the same situation, he took things a little further with a cup of water.

“The kid in the seat behind thought the touchscreen at the back of my headrest was a punch-screen, which wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences, especially on a flight from Asia to Europe,” he wrote.

“I got a small cup of water, with not too much content at all, awaited a good knock on my seat and then threw the contents of my cup upwards and backwards, before I leaned over and said ‘Ohh, I’m sorry, I’m just so easily startled when I fly’.

“Needless to say the slightly wet kid didn’t bother me again.”

Another passenger, Carmen Blakestad, told of how her husband took the “angry” approach on a flight – but found it worked.

“This little a-hole of a kid was sitting behind my husband, just pounding the hell out of his seat. Now, my husband is 6′4″, so he’s already uncomfortable, and then this happens?!

“What p****d him off the most was that the kid’s mom was sitting right there the whole time, knew full well what her brat was doing and did nothing to stop it!

“Anyway, mom gets up to use the bathroom and my husband saw his chance.

“He turned around and said to the kid with a seriously mean face and in a soft growly voice, ‘You kick my seat one more time, I’ll kill you.’

“The kid froze mid-kick, turned white as a ghost and sat quietly for the rest of the flight!”
However, we probably wouldn’t recommend that tactic.

Other passengers also tried similarly harsh tactics to deal with annoying seat-kickers.

Shaun Clark said he told one young passenger, “‘If you don’t stop kicking the back of my seat I will hit your father” – and needless to say, he stopped.

Michael Hawkins added, “The kicking began early in the trip, and it was apparent the child was bored to death.

“We both had aisle seats, so I got up and whispered in her ear, “If you kick my seat again I am going to have the pilot throw you out the door!” The remainder of the flight was kick-free.”

Dariusz Scharsig preferred a gentler approach – preparing a speech to give to both child and parent.

He explained: “All I needed to do was turn around and, nicely, say: ‘Hey, little fella, is this your first plane ride? Yeah, I get nervous too. You know what helps me? Just closing my eyes and trying to relax. Which is super hard if you kick my seat.’

“Usually, their parents get super embarrassed and the kid stops right there and then. No hard feelings.”

Others, like Brad Chisholm, chose to avoid confrontation altogether.

“I paid the guy behind me $50 to trade seats with me,” he wrote.

However, according to the experts, making threats isn’t the best idea.

Elizabeth O’Shea, who runs the website Parent 4 Success, told MailOnline Travel there was an easy to stop such behavior easily.

“If you are a passenger and the child kicking the seat is not yours, you definitely don’t want to antagonise the parent as that can make the situation worse,” she said.

“The best thing to do is go around to the row where they are sitting and get down low to the child and parent’s level and say in a really lovely and polite voice ‘hey buddy, could you do me a favour? Could you keep your legs under the seat? Do you think you could do that? Thank you’.

“It is very nice and polite and you are not being rude and by saying thank you, the child is more likely to comply.”

She also said it was important for parents to prepare their children in advance of a long flight.

“Parents should prepare them before the journey by talking about what behaviour will be acceptable once they are on the plane, such as using an indoor voice, keeping their feet on the floor or under the seat and talking about how long the journey will last.”

NZ Herald

Passenger slammed for ‘cheap’ act on flight

An airline passenger has been slammed online after complaining about being given a cup of ice instead of water on his flight, with many saying it’s his own fault for being “cheap”.

Gene Goh was flying from Singapore to Japan with budget airline Scoot when he asked for a cup of water while waiting for the flight to take off.

“I asked for just a cup of plain water but was told by your airline staff that only bottled water is available for purchase,” he wrote on Scoot’s Facebook page.

Mr Goh claimed he was given a cup of ice and told to wait for it to melt so he could drink it, reported

“All I am asking is just a cup of water, I wouldn’t care if it was from the tap,” he said.

“I hope that there could be some sort of care for passenger, not being unreasonable over here.”

But if the passenger thought he would get sympathy from other social media users he was sorely mistaken, with many saying he was lucky to get the ice.

“Dude, budget airline. Got money to go to Osaka, no money to buy water huh? If you want free things don’t travel. Entitled youth,” one person said.

“Just few dollars for a mineral water. Don’t tell me you couldn’t afford it. stop making yourself cheap … Well done cabin crew! You did the right thing,” another said.

Others even suggested that the crew should have charged him for the cup.

NZ Herald

Jetstar passenger left stranded at Queenstown airport after flight cancellation

A Jetstar passenger is outraged by the “abysmal” customer service from staff after being stranded at Queenstown airport when their flight to Auckland was cancelled.

On Reddit, the Kiwi explained how their flight from Queenstown to Auckland last Friday evening was delayed because of “engineering requirements” . Ten minutes later they were told their was a delay because of “staffing issues”, until eventually they were told the flight, JQ298, was cancelled.

“From here, things just go downhill. The staff have no idea how to manage the situation, a cluster forms around the check-in counter, no one sets up or enforces a queue,” the disgruntled customer wrote.

“One staff member is going around talking to small groups telling them that they are waiting for information about a replacement flight and that they should stand aside and wait for a general announcement.

“There is no general announcement forthcoming. Instead those who persist and stand at the counter are dealt with in no particular order.”

The passenger then received an email telling them to book another flight at “no additional cost”, but staff members told them otherwise.

“The staff tried to tell us that we would have to pay the difference between the new booking and the old one, which was huge,” he wrote.

“We had to fight to get the replacement flight refunded.”

After finding out their were no flights available that day, staff told passengers they would arrange accommodation for the night, however they only tended to some stragglers, leaving the rest to wander around the airport trying to find rooms to sleep in.

“The first 10 or 15 people get rooms and the rest of us are told that the airline’s travel agent is still looking for rooms,” they wrote.

“We are told that we can book our own room and that we will be reimbursed up to $150 … in Queenstown on a Friday night.

“Many of us are at the airport hoping that accommodation comes through up until the airport closes, at 10pm, 6 hours after the cancellation. It never does.”

The person writes how disappointed they were with the service of the airline and reveals they see that it is a common issue with other passengers.

“A quick search of news stories this year reveals that this is not an isolated incident,” they explain.

“Jetstar’s reply to media inquiries associated with previous cancellations suggests that this is part of their business model. For example, when 5 flights out of Sydney got cancelled on the same day, they said ‘5 out of 400 daily flights is not bad.’

“They are running with such narrow buffers that the slightest disruption can result in cancellations and possibly worse, but apparently this is part of the calculation. Naturally, the time wastage and stress imposed on inconvenienced passengers is not part of the equation.”

The passenger explained that they understand that it’s a budget airline, but thought that meant they wouldn’t get in-flight meals or there would be charges for extra luggage.

“Apparently it also means exposure to a very high risk of cancellations and the resulting chaos that is Jetstar’s customer service,” they wrote.

The Herald contacted Jetstar, which apologised and explained the reason behind the cancellation.

“We sincerely apologise for the cancellation, which was due to one of our cabin crew members falling ill,” Jetstar spokesperson Phil Boeyen said.

“We rebooked passengers on the next available flights to Auckland and assisted with arranging accommodation where required. Passengers were able to request a full refund if they no longer wished to travel.”

“We appreciate these cancellations are inconvenient for our passengers and thank them for their understanding,” Boeyen continued.

“Jetstar has a very low cancellation rate on its domestic jet services in New Zealand; in the 12 months ended September 2018 the rate was less than 0.8 per cent. Unforeseen issues such as weather, engineering or crewing issues can result in a flight being cancelled.”


Passenger kicked off flight for ‘terrorist’ Snapchat joke

A young passenger has proved yet again that it’s never wise to make a joke about terrorism – particularly when you’re on a plane.

A 21-year-old on a Jet Airways flight found out the hard way, after he was caught covering his face with a hankerchief and making a joke about terrorism on Snapchat, Fox News reports.

Yogvedant Poddar was on a domestic flight in India when he took a photo of himself and typed some regrettable words: “Terrorist on flight, I destroy women hearts”.

Another passenger, Benjamin Plackett, reportedly alerted the flight captain after he saw Poddar typing the message

He was then removed from the Kolkata – Mumbai flight for questioning by security officers.
He claimed the Snapchat photo was a joke for his friends – but the joke caused the 160-passenger flight to be delayed for more than an hour due to the security check.

Poddar’s bags were checked and in a statement the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) said “no suspicious or objectionable item was found”.

He was then reportedly sent to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport police station for further investigation.